Miracle Mile, North Platte-Nov. 15,16,17th 2010

Another great trip, but weather at 45 MPH winds was tough although the 30 d F temperature was not too bad. Fished with good friend Lawrence Perry and had three great days hooking these colorful browns. Used my center pin reel and 13 foot GL 3 Loomis Float rod for some nice long drifts hooking browns up to 50 yards away! Best colors were the Tangerine Opaque, Tangerine, Dead Egg White, Apricot Opaque but the best producer was the Kiwi Opaque. Used 6 mm, 8 mm, and , yes, 10 mm egg sizes. Why these browns will take these large 10 mm eggs is a mystery to me, but Lawrence had more hook ups with that size than any others. I did well with both the 8 mm and 6 mm eggs. We each hooked about 25 fish each for the first two days, with Lawrence “spankingThe Otter on the last day by outfishing him on his fly rod versus Walt’s Float rod/center pin outfit. Oh well, The Otter had to let him catch up from the earlier two days! Most fish were 14 to 22 inches, with a few nice fat ‘bows full of eaten eggs. Many hen browns were still “tight” with no eggs coming loose; these will still be spawning a week from now,even past Thanksgiving. Perhaps another trip later that week??


The Otter with a nice hookjaw!

Lawrence with another nice one!

Fat 'bow!

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  1. admin says:

    Howdy Otter,
    I had a wonderfully successfull fishing trip to the Miracle Mile Wyoming.
    It’s never fished better, and i think it has to due with high water and these
    incredible Otter’s Soft Milking Egg pattern i used. They’re so realistic the
    fish can’t deny them. I think I caught fish on all egg colors and sizes. The
    Kiwi Opaque seemed be very effective.
    all the best

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