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Otter’s Gray Reef Wyoming trip April 25-28th, 2010

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Hi Folks: Had a good trip, but the fishing was very spotty. Wish I could say my Otter egg patterns worked, but they did not. I only caught 3 fish on Otter’s Eggs over 3 1/2 days.

On Sunday afternoon the 25th I caught only two fish on baetis#18 nymph; the second day I landed 7 beauties at the Outhouse hole- all landed were 18 to 21 inches and all on a smaller sized #20 baetis downy nymph. On Tuesday the 27th I had the Outhouse hole almost to myself-only one other person for part of the day. I fished it for 7 hours using Otter’s Eggsand baetis nymphs and small midge larvae. Only the downy baetis nymph produced. I hooked  20 fish that day, landing only 4, and none landed were large. However, some of the rest I had hooked were very large fish and I could not land them in that strong current on #20 hooks, even though I was using my new Wright& McGill Float Rod with my Okuma Shefield center pin reel. This Wright & McGill  11 foot model float rod performed very well, and I enjoyed using this shorter float rod instead of their longer 13 foot float rod model. And Wright & McGill’sBighorn” wading jacket did the trick in both the wind and the heavy rain we had on one day. It’s nice to have a dryhooded and warm jacket when you need one!

I actually bent out one #20 hook ( #200 R model) on a large fish. The next day, the 28th, I floated with Rod Merritt, a great guide that I have used for over 8 years now ((Rod Merritt Fly Fishing-(307) 710-1966 and, and we had only 4 hook ups over the top 8 mile float. Three on the baetis nymph and one on an Otter’s egg. The weather for the entire 4 days was poor and spotty-rain, snow, a few hours of sunshine, and then some snow. Wind was up to 30 mph and gusting to 40 mph on all but one day. Not the best of conditions, and very, very tough fishing. No one on the river was producing as this river is capable of doing. However, I shall return-this river has some great fishing if you can hit it right with weather and low wind!

Walt-The Otter