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Pleasanton, CA Fly Show-Feb. 25-26-27th- 2011

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Hi Fishers: We will be tying, demonstrating, and selling  Otter’sSoft Milking Egg” fly patterns and materials this weekend at the Pleasanton, CA Fly Show at the Alameda County Fairground on Feb. 25-26-27th.

We will have a full stock of most all 17 colors and 6 sizes for sale along the back wall of Fly Tiers Row. We will have an 8 foot table to outselves!  We can show you how to tie up The Otter’s new and exciting “Embryo Egg” pattern, and how to also use Otter’s Eggs to  “peg”  your eggs, Alaska Style. These latest two patterns and systems have been producting excellent results, so stop by and see The Otter at work!

The Otter will be demonstrating how to include a red or orange bead inside your eggs to form the “Embryo Egg” pattern look for your “pegged” eggs. The Otter recently spent 3 great trips at the Miracle Mile on the North Platte River in Wyoming plus at Delaney Butte Lakes, using this new “pegged egg” method with great results, so stop by so he can discuss this system and his trip results with you!

The Otter