About “Otter Talk”

Welcome to this forum by the producer and originator of Otter’s “Soft Milking Egg”® Fly Patterns, Walt Mueller, Jr., aka “The Otter” (always in the water and usually catching fish).

Here you’ll find news and information about his latest fishing experiences, show appearances, tips on using Otter Egg materials, success stories, photos, and much more!

You’ll also have the opportunity to comment on what’s written here, providing valuable feedback in a forum where readers can share their ideas and success stories as well.

Check back often, or subscribe to the RSS feed, to keep yourself updated on these extraordinary milking egg patterns designed especially for Great Lakes steelhead areas, and learn how they have proven to be exceptional flies for all the cold water fish species worldwide.

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  1. Lewy Perry says:

    Howdy all you Otter Eggheads.
    I just returned from another successful trip to Wyoming and the Miracle Mile. It may have been the best ever! The weather was as expected (cold and a bit windy) but the fishing was very good. The Otter eggs worked very well. Tangerine, Apricot and Kiwi in size 6mm were the
    ticket! Many fish were caught and released unharmed in the 20″ size.
    Thanks Otter for the best egg pattern on the market.

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