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Another New Egg Color!

Dead Egg White photos

BRD is excited to bring yet another new fish catching color to the industry. We now are offering our new "Dead Egg White" colored egg, in all our sizes from the tiny 2 x 2 mm Soft Sucker Spawn, 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm single egg sizes, along with our 3 x 6 mm 3 egg cluster size. This now makes our 17th color available in all 7 of our sizes!

Another solid attribute of this new color is that it strongly glows, even with more intensity than the other Glow colors we currently market. This new "Dead Egg White" color needs only a short amount of sunlight or a few seconds with light from a small flashlight to produce an intense glow similar to a summer firefly! For early AM/ late PM fishing, or for deep holes in a lake or river, this new intense glow with the white opaque color will produce excellent results.

Look below fresh redds in the gravels on your favorite river during the spawning seasons, both spring and fall, and you will notice many of these white dead eggs drifting along the bottom of the rivers flow. Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Cutthroat trout, Brook trout and all the salmon species will all key in on this new color. This "Dead Egg White" is a solid producer for these situations, even during times outside the normal spawning months, producing numerous fish!

Go to our newly revised Order Form where you will find this new color listed. Order a few packs today to add these to your fishing arsenal for another new, different and superior Otter's "Soft Milking Egg" product that will let you out fish all the other Glo bug, bead and Glue Gun egg fishermen, by leaps and bounds!

Discover the "OS-3" pattern

Soft Milking Egg� fly pattern

The "OS-3" (Otter's Soft Sucker Spawn) pattern can be used for steelhead and all trout species, with emphasis on all the Great Lakes tributaries for spring and fall run steelhead. In late spring into early summer, the suckers spawn on these tributaries, thus the "OS-3" is a very productive fly pattern for both steelhead and trout.

Click here to download Tying Instructions for OS-3 Pattern-- as a PDF.

Also use the OS-3 on rivers and streams in all the western and eastern tail waters is especially productive, due to the small egg size of the pattern used on fish that have been hooked numerous times in catch and release areas. This pattern can be tied as a single egg on a #18 or #20 hook, double and triple eggs on a #16 hook, a quad of four on a # 14 hook, 6 eggs on a #12 hook, or finally 8 eggs on a #8 or #10 hook. The pattern also uses Otter's Milking Veil trilobal antron material as a veil to give the pattern a "milking egg" look, as with other Otter's "Soft Milking Egg"® patterns. Either a scud hook or regular hook can be used; we prefer the scud hook design, on 2 X heavy wire for large fish, such as steelhead, or an up eye scud hook, regular or light wire, for normal sized trout.

This finished fly should take numerous fish as long as you carefully unhook all fish with your forceps placed on the steel bend of the hook behind the egg materials and not on the egg material. As with our other "Soft Milking Egg"® patterns, this pattern is also very soft and translucent which closely and accurately mimics numerous sucker species and whitefish spawn. Since the egg material is soft it allows more hookups as a fish is not as apt to spit it out so quickly. It's the real deal!

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