Tying Tips: For the Otter's "Soft Milking Egg"® Products

Follow the links below to special insight and helpful hints, direct from "The Otter" himself. Learn "the Basics", as well as the latest techniques for tying these superior "Soft Milking Egg"® fly patterns.

Go to #11 in the list below to learn how to tie the Otter's NEW "Globule Soft Sucker Spawn"© Pattern.

#1: How to Tie Otter's New "Soft Milking Embryo Egg"™ Patterns

Download the PDF file: How to Tie Otter’s Soft Milking Embryo Egg.

#2: Download the Embryo Egg™ Chart- - egg size, needle size, bead sizes to use! This is an Excel spreadsheet with information to assist you in tying this great new pattern!

#3: Otter's NEW "Soft Embryo Egg"© PEGGING METHODS
OTTER'S Soft Embryo Egg® Pegging Methods

#4: Useful Points on "Pegging" Otter's Eggs

#5: Recommended Bead Colors vs. Egg Colors Chart
The Otter has experimented with numerous bead colors to duplicate most internal egg embryo colors. With 8 basic colors you can mix and match with the 17 Otter Egg colors to create a huge variety of authentic colored Embryo Eggs, whether tied on a hook or Pegged on a leader! Use the above link to download the Otter's recommended color combinations.

#6: Single Egg Tying Instructions: Basics "101" - Making Egg Tying Simple!

#7: "3 x 6 mm Cluster" tying instructions, as featured in Great Lakes Angler (www.glangler.com).

#8: Tying Steps for the "OS-3" Pattern: Otter's "Soft Sucker Spawn" Fly

#9: Read a review about how Otter Eggs work in Alaska

#10: Read a review about how Otter Eggs work in Michigan

#11: NEW -- How to tie the Otter's new "Globule Soft Sucker Spawn"© Pattern.

OTTER'S NEW Globule Soft Sucker Spawn Pattern

#12: NEW -- Easier System to Peg Otter Eggs 


(Pegged Otter Embryo Egg using a rubber "float stop")

#13: Pegging "Otter Eggs" Using Only a Leader

System developed by Tom Loe, Sierra Drifters.com; now owned by Doug Rodicks. (Randall Mikuriya from CA provided photos and notes, with "The Otter's" editing)

(Click above picture to view or download flier with more details)

#14: Otter's Float Stop Egg Pegging Kit

Otter's Float Stop Egg Pegging Kit

(Click above picture to view or download flier with more details)

Please check back soon for more helpful hints and tying instructions. Also, download our "Notes" on Using Otter Egg Materials, a list of helpful product-related tips and information. "Right click" and choose "Save target as" to save and open it on your hard drive.

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