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Now having the basics that were gleaned from various fish biologists and articles written by them we can look at what turns an egg "Dead Egg White". During and after the spawning periods, you may notice a large number of white eggs drifting along the bottom of the streams and rivers you fish. These white colored eggs are actually dead and are often times keyed in on by all the trout and salmon species.

OTTER'S Soft Milking Egg® Dead Egg White glowing in the dark

The interior yolk of an egg contains a liquid called globulin that contains a large amount of protein material. This globulin material is held in place inside the yolk by the presence of a large amount of salts. If the outer yolk membrane ruptures, it allows the globulin to flow out into the water solution between the yolk membrane and the outer shell of the egg. The salts within the globulin then cannot remain in the water solution and that causes the globulin to precipitate into the white color that is visible inside the outer skin, turning the entire egg mass a "Dead Egg White" color.

Another interesting item occurs at hatcheries that are raising trout and salmon. If trays of fresh eggs are ruptured and some die, causing them to become "Dead Egg White", they can contaminate the other adjacent live eggs in the tray. These dead eggs become fungused and turn white and then cause the adjoining live eggs to also become fungused and white after a period of time. Perhaps then this is a natural instinct for wild fish to actively eat and devour "Dead Egg White" eggs within or near a redd to prevent the further spread of "Dead Egg White" eggs from contaminating other live eggs in the redd?

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